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Wholistic Services

We offer 1:1 natural care for ailments such as Anxiety, Common illnesses, Gut Health, Women's Issues, Arthritis, Muscle & Joint Pain, Skin Care, Aging, Stress Relief, Detox & Weight Loss.

Our Group classes are centered around mindfulness, peace, art, empowerment, cleansing, meditation & yoga. Classes & locations vary monthly and schedule can be seen in the Blog & on Social Media.

90 min Initial In-Take- $200

We begin with an energy cleanse, then do some work to identify your Dosha, followed by an in depth conversational intake, a tongue and pulse examination and an Ayurvedic card reading.

After your intake you will receive daily routines to begin your journey, followed by an in-depth personalized Wellness Plan that includes: Diet and lifestyle routines, herbal suggestions, yoga, breathwork, gem & color affiliations and Dosha affirmations, all designed specifically for you. 

Follow up appointments - $90 

Need a check in? This appointment is for clients who have already had an initial consultation and want to continue their journey with us. 

Treatments offered:


External Bastis - $110 

(additional basti(s) on same side during the same visit are $80 per additional basti)

An Ayurvedic herbal treatment that alleviates pain. Which involves warm herbal oil being poured onto a localized area. Followed by localized steaming. 

Benefits: alleviates, pain, swelling, stiffness. Removes toxins, increases blood circulation, improves mobility, lubricates and strengthens muscles, bones and joints. 


Abhyanga & Steam - $150

An Ayurvedic treatment that awakens the soul, soothes the mind and promotes movement throughout the body. Which involves warm herbal oil being intentionally placed all over the body, followed by a 15 min full body steam.


Benefits: Eliminates toxins, aids in weight loss, promotes circulation, improves muscle tissue, enhances skin tightness, aids in reducing anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Shirodhara - $135 

An Ayurvedic treatment that calms the mind and soothes the body and soul. Which involves warm herbal oil being poured onto your head. 

Benefits: Relieves stress, muscular tensions, insomnia, treats anxiety and depression, elevates mood, enhances function of the central nervous system, relieves mental fatigue, Dosha balancing.


Additional Offerings- $35

Nasya demonstration and explanation - A full-sized bottle of Nasya oil is included.  

Tongue Scraping & Oil Pulling demonstration and explanation - A tongue scraper and sample of swish oil is included. 

Swedana- 15 minutes in the Swedana (steam) box, with your choice of essential oil. 

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