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Your Ayurvedic Practitioner & Happiness Guide 

Namaste, Friends! 


I am Steph, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, the Curator of our Ayurvedic Herbal Tea line, a Yogi, Happiness Guide, a Creative and Mama of two. Thank you for visiting my page to learn more. My worldly service is to be your guide, to walk with you as you walk along your path of health and wellness. Together we do the deep dive to heal your mind, body and soul. 


I enjoy hiking and collecting rocks, reading, art, lounging on a beach and bathing in an ocean & find so much joy in getting to know you all. I live a very social and active life and choose to live authentically. As I continuously grow, I enjoy sharing my journey. My motto - "Your journey, YOUR way". I feel blessed daily that I get to rise, heal and empower.


I work with clients who are looking to naturally be on a path of wellness through a holistic lifestyle, diet, herbal suggestions, Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga, Pranayama and other integrative healing modalities.


I believe that you should find a Healer who you are comfortable with, I encourage you to explore my website and social media pages to see if our vibes connect. I am hopeful they do and we meet.


Blessings on your journey to wellness! 


Love & Light 





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