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Wholistic health as unique as you are.

Your journey, your way- that's what we believe. Wholistic Wellness is about whole body health, we see you. We offer an Individualized and highly personalized holistic approach to restore the mind, body and soul. 


Our services



Begin your journey

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Eliminate toxins

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Calm the mind


External Bastis

Alleviate pain


Wellness is more than just physical

It's about living intentionally. Being mindful of Who you share life with, What your eyes intake, Where your energy flows and How your body moves. 

When you turn your intentions into action, that's a You decision. You are the key factor in your wellness, the Why, to making your life sustainably happy & healthy. 


It's time to feel better.

Wholistic Wellness is a safe space to feel comfortable about integrating different healing modalities, a space to strip it down, get to the root cause and get back to a natural way of life. 

A space where herbs heal, breath regulates and hugs are human connection


A place where you see your Holistic Practitioner one day to ease a sore throat and then come back the next day for a meditation class


Together we'll walk alongside you on your journey to a happier and healthier you. 

About Ayurveda

They always say Ayurveda finds you, so Welcome. 

An ancient 5,000 year old Indian healing system, Ayurveda is natural approach to holistic health. Ayurvedic Healers don't just treat the symptom or pain manage, we look at a whole person to define root causes. Allowing us to do the deep dive into a person and revive the mind, body and soul. 


"Stephannie has to be one of the most welcoming, humbling, fun spirited people I know. The energy that she puts out into the world is undeniably contagious. When I came to her I thought I was going in just go get my health back in order but she opened up my eyes to a whole new outlook on life. She has helped me realize my journey is my journey and no one else's. She is my guru."

- Rachelle



It's time to feel better.

Through a unique blend of Ayurvedic Treatments, Diet, Lifestyle, Herbs, Gem therapy, Yoga and Pranayama  we'll create a personalized plan

for your healing journey. 


Hi, I'm Stephannie.


The one who listens to you, creates a plan for you and walks alongside you on your journey. I believe a personalized approach is a more human approach to health and wellness. I believe in leading with

love & authenticity.  

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